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It is normal in a relationship to encounter some measure of conflict, disharmony and disappointment from time to time. Sometimes, however, you may feel that you have become stuck as a couple, there is too much distrust and tension and that you do not know how to resolve your differences. You may be dealing with issues arising from:

Regular arguments or fighting
Physical or verbal abuse
Lack of intimacy or emotional connection
An affair
Money problems
Sexual incompatibility
Religious differences
Anxiety, stress, depression
Issues with c
hildren and/or parents

I will help both of you to share difficult and often painful feelings in a safe and respectful way. I will guide you how to explore issues that might be too hard to look at or discuss when you are by yourselves for fear of hurting or angering your partner. I do not take sides, in this work my primary concern is your relationship and how I can best facilitate its healing. I will help you to develop self-awareness and inter-personal skills so that you can find better ways to relate to each other, and develop greater empathy and mutual understanding; from this love is able to grow and a mature relationship blossom.